Pressure Washing in Pensacola, FL

Nothing quite delivers the cleanliness of pressure washing in Pensacola, North Pensacola, and Brent, FL. But it takes a true professional to make sure your surface isn’t damaged by the supreme cleaning power of pressurized water. At Fresh Start Painting Inc., we’ve been pressure washing clients’ exterior surfaces for decades, giving us the ability to clean without damaging, regardless of the material.

Why Pressure Wash?

Power washing in Pensacola, FL is a necessity for cleaning up exterior surfaces before they’re painted, stained or otherwise finished. Pressure washing removed heavily embedded debris and ensures there aren’t any particulates present that may disrupt the finishing process. Some of the other important applications for pressure washing include:

  • Complete stripping of paint
  • General cleaning of surfaces
  • Remove loose paint and stains
  • Removing mildew

Other Preparation Services

In addition to power washing, there are also a number of other preparation services we provide to make sure the work we’re doing is ultimately sound. We pay close attention to your exterior surfaces and give them the attention they need to look great, before we even begin to apply the primer. Some of our general prep work includes:

  • Light carpentry
  • Moulding installation
  • Stucco repairs
  • Wood repairs
  • Wood replacement

Our aim is always to make sure your surfaces not only look great, but are in sound condition and ready to continue looking their best for years to come. By taking the right approach to prep work, thoroughly cleaning all surfaces and paying close attention to our painting, we’ve established a reputation for excellence that’s unrivaled by other painting companies.

Pressure Washing

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