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Your siding in Pensacola, FL protects you from the elements and determines the look and appeal of your home. It’s important to treat your siding right! If it’s looking a little downtrodden or lackluster, don’t replace it for high costs—instead, have the professionals at Fresh Start Painting Inc. refinish it for you! Using a careful touch, we’ll bring your home’s exterior back to life with safe washing and painting services.

Our experienced professionals are adept at dealing with both wood and vinyl siding in Pensacola, FL. Our approach takes into consideration the material protecting your home, as well as any particulars that may dictate the way we deliver service. We’ll make sure to deliver a job well done, that restores both the beauty and integrity to your home’s siding.


Using careful pressure washing techniques and solutions, we remove all of the dirt, debris and weathering from your home to ensure a smooth, clean base for painting. Our cleaning approach is thorough, yet soft and undamaging to your siding. We always make sure to double check our work and pride ourselves in making sure you notice the difference before we even start painting! Our goal is to truly restore the beauty and authenticity of your home’s siding.


After your siding is properly and thoroughly cleaned, we get to work painting. Using the proper paint base depending on your wood or vinyl siding, we deliver immaculate brushwork and thorough results. Our even applications and ability to get every little nook and cranny results in a fresh façade that will make your home shine!

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