The Top Interior Painting Trends of 2018

The Top Interior Painting Trends of 2018

September 7, 2018

This year, the latest trend is making a statement with bold, attention-grabbing paint colors. While 2017 was all about warm neutrals and tropical colors, 2018 is the year of fiery reds, warm metallics and dramatic dark shades. These colors make a bold appearance in every room, from the kitchen to the bedroom. At the same time, the minimalist color palette has maintained popularity.

Changing the paint color can easily transform the entire look and feel of a room with the help of a painter in Pensacola, FL. Let the hottest hues of 2018 inspire your next interior painting project:

  • Caviar black:
    Black used to be the ultimate no-no in home paint colors. But caviar black isn’t just your standard black—this shade is on the cusp of charcoal, which means it pairs perfectly with both dark and light grays. Because it’s a lighter version of black, it won’t contrast too starkly with crisp white, or even furniture in deeper shades. Try using it for just a few select accents or let this edgy hue take over a space.
  • Berries:
    Berry is the perfect shade for fall and winter. Strawberry red, blueberry, raspberry pink and other berry-inspired hues bring a vivacious cheer to interior spaces. A rich blackberry color will make more of a statement, while subdued styles pair well with a softer strawberry for added warmth.
  • Marigold:
    This vivacious yellow was all the rage in the 1970s, and now it’s making a big comeback. The bright marigold will infuse any space with happiness and joy. It’s perfect for adding brightness to a room lacking natural lighting, like a windowless bathroom or a dark laundry room.
  • Ultraviolet:
    Pantone’s 2018 color of the year is bold, beautiful and dramatic. This rich shade will add depth and energy to any room. Try an all-purple color scheme, or experiment by adding just a few touches of this declarative color.
  • Minimalist pastels:
    Minimalist neutrals are out. Instead, people are all about the minimalist pastels. Mint greens, sandy pinks and tantalizing teals have reinvigorated the simple modern design. These colors will inspire a room without overwhelming it.
  • Deep turquoise:
    This moody color is among the most popular picks for living rooms and bedrooms this year. The vibrant shade is fun, while not too over the top.
  • Metallics:
    Experts are hailing metallics as the new neutrals. Gilded gold and shiny silver bring both and depth to rooms in a way a boring grey could never accomplish. Try painting moldings or other accent pieces with a muted bronze. The more daring will want to opt for a luxurious gold.
  • Bright blues:
    An electrifying blue will spice up a dated space. Rich sapphire, cobalt and dark navy colors are the top choices for practically every room type. The classic tones will bring an added level of depth without being too overwhelming.

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