Top Office Painting Considerations for Businesses

Top Office Painting Considerations for Businesses

October 9, 2018

The first thing clients notice when they walk into an office building is how everything looks. From the paint on the walls to overall cleanliness, how you present yourself and your business is key to keeping people coming back. First impressions are important, especially if your livelihood depends on it, so make sure your office interior is always presentable.

While you should choose a quality paint for your walls, it’s not the only important factor to take into account. Here are some tips from a commercial painter in Pensacola, FL about the top office painting considerations for businesses.

Use the right paint for your walls

It may seem like most types of paints are universal, but some paints work better in certain situations than others. For example, a business that gets a lot of foot traffic or welcomes families with children would benefit from painting its walls with a high quality semi-gloss paint. Semi-gloss paint is not porous like flat paint, and is easier to clean than most other types of paint. A high quality semi-gloss is easier to wash, and it can be cleaned more often without fading.

On the other hand, showrooms and boutique-style businesses look best painted in a matte or flat paint. Matte and flat paints reflect less light, and because they make it harder to see imperfections, the walls always look clean.

Know how to touch up paint

Some walls don’t need to be completely repainted. They may only have minor, yet still noticeable nicks, scratches or ground-in scuffmarks. Unfortunately, paint touch-ups can be tricky to deal with. First, understand that older paint is harder to touch up. This is because of wear and tear and wicking and water loss over the years. To touch up paint that is a few years old, use a foam brush and tap the same color paint over blemishes. Flatter paint is the easiest to touch up, but you might not have much luck touching up older paint like semi-gloss.

Cleaning wall paint

Clean off marks on wall paint as soon as you notice them. It’s important to clean as soon as possible because the longer the marks sit, the harder they are to wash off without ruining the paint. But no matter how stubborn the stain, refrain from scrubbing the wall. Scrubbing can damage the paint, so start off cleaning lightly, and gently scrub only if you have to. Your best bet is using just water and a soft cloth, but try using a mild cleaning solution if the mark doesn’t wash away.

Maintaining office paint

The paint on your office walls, the quality of the paint and how you clean and maintain it over the years determines the lifespan of the paint. Be sure you hire an experienced company to repaint and touch up the interior of your business so you know it’ll last many years—this saves money, headaches and unplanned downtime.

If you want to speak with a painting contractor in Pensacola, FL, don’t hesitate to contact Fresh Start Painting Inc. Call us today for a consultation and service estimate!

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