Faux Finishes Can Breathe New Life Into Your Home!

Faux Finishes Can Breathe New Life Into Your Home!

March 28, 2019

Painting is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to brighten up any room in the house. When done right, traditional interior paint can make your home look nice while showing off your unique style. But there’s another option on the table: faux painting. Faux painting, also called faux finishing, is a painting process that makes something look like something it’s not. In most cases, faux finishes are made to resemble more expensive materials, such as granite, marble, natural hardwoods or Venetian plaster.

Why would anyone choose faux painting? For starters, it is more versatile than regular wall paint and wallpaper. Faux finishes can be applied to most any surface that is plain and sealed, but it’s important to note that the prep and primer steps will vary depending on the type of surface you want to paint. Since faux painting doesn’t have seams, it cannot peel, and therefore it lasts longer than wallpaper. Additionally, it is easy to maintain and simple for a professional to touch up.

Does this idea pique your interest? Below, an interior painter in Pensacola, FL breaks down the benefits of using faux finishes in your home.

Color wash

Color washing is something like its name indicates. This gives the faux painted surface the appearance of a weathered wall, similar to how an exterior wall exposed to the elements for a long time would wind up looking. Professionals typically utilize paint and a glaze to achieve this look. To create a truly authentic weathered look, select two to three shades of the same color. A second light coat is painted over a darker base coat, then a secondary coat is mixed with glaze and applied after the base coat has dried. Use sponges to create a more textured surface, brushes to get visible lines or cloths to end up with a more downplayed texture.

Venetian plaster

Want to bring the charm of old-world Europe into your home? Then Venetian plaster may be the faux finish you’ve been looking for! This option produces a stucco-like appearance that boosts both light and dark tones of the same color. A plaster and top coat are typically utilized whenever Venetian plaster is applied. The pros start by applying the plaster to the surface in both short and long random and irregular strokes, often making sure that patches of the original wall are left exposed. A second layer is applied after the first layer has dried, with the same irregular strokes overlapping the first set.

Metals and patinas

Metals and patinas are faux finishes that create the appearance of weathered metal. If you want the rusted look of patina, apply a base to the whole surface, followed by a metal and patina glaze. Work the wet glaze in overlapping arcs using a paint brush or roller.

These are just a few types of faux finishes, so be sure to call Fresh Start Painting Inc. to learn about more. Reach out to us today to speak with a professional interior painter in Pensacola, FL about your project!

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