Transform Your Home with a Faux Finish

Transform Your Home with a Faux Finish

July 24, 2019

There’s painting the inside walls of your home, and then there’s dressing up that coating with accent paint and faux finishes. Faux painting is taking decorative paint and creating a finish that’s different from the wall itself. A good example of this is a concrete wall being painted to look like wood, or any wall material being painted to appear like another material—such as stone, brick, granite or marble. Faux painting can also change the texture of a plain wall.

Ultimately, the goal of faux finish is to transform your home from basic to unique in a relatively simple and affordable way. Here’s a closer look at why faux interior painting in Pensacola, FL is in style and on point in many residential homes across the country.

Quick transformation

When you move into a new home, your first thought may be to change the colors of the walls. Paint is easy enough to change, but you can save time and money by adding accent paint instead. Similarly, if you have lived in your house for more than a few years, now might be a good time to freshen up your rooms with fresh coats of paint. You don’t have to look long and hard at the white walls in the kitchen or those ugly mustard yellow panels in the dining room to know you want a change. With faux finishing, you can achieve an instant makeover in a short amount of time.

Faux painting is a technique that is both creative and affordable. It offers a variety of styles and textures, including brick, marble, plaster, leather, stone, silk and wood. Done right, you’ll see an instant transformation of depth and dimension in your walls. If you want marble but aren’t fond of the price tag, opt for faux painting instead!


Faux finishes are not limited to concrete walls. In fact, this technique is regularly used to decorate different types of walls and surfaces, including glass, ceramic, wood and dry wall. Whether new or old, rough or smooth, there’s a faux finish to suit it. Another huge benefit of faux paint is that it’s a great way to conceal cracks in walls so you don’t have to replace that section of wall. You or your painter should assess the condition of the wall before choosing a particular painting technique to ensure a stunning finish.

Long lasting

Quality faux finishing on a wall can be thought of like wallpaper that does not peel off. A faux finish eliminates the possibility of having to see visible seams and, unlike wallpaper, it’s easy to change the color or texture of a faux finish when you’re ready for something new. When done right, your new faux finish will not only be affordable, but long lasting as well.  Touch-ups are easy, and you can update the style of the wall simply by tweaking parts of it. Additionally, faux paints are washable, which puts your walls in the low-maintenance category.

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