Should I Buy My Own Paint?

Should I Buy My Own Paint?

February 7, 2020

If you’ve recently decided you’re going to hire a professional to come out and do some painting at your home, either interior or exterior, you might be wondering if there’s anything you need to do to prepare for the work to begin. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive as professional painting contractors in Pensacola, FL is whether or not the client needs to purchase paint ahead of time.

While you certainly have the option of heading out to your local paint or home improvement store and picking up the paint you want, this isn’t an absolute must, nor is it always the best idea. Here are just a few things to keep in mind as you decide whether or not you’ll purchase the paint or let the contractors take care of this step.

Professionals will know the kind of paint that will best fit your needs

Professional painters almost certainly have much more experience in the field of painting than you do. You might have something of an understanding of the various types of paints, but a professional will know exactly which kind of paint will be best for your application based on exposure to natural light or moisture, traffic in the room, condition of the surfaces to be painted and other such factors.

In addition, professionals are likely to have certain standards of quality for the paints they work with. You’re going to find a wide variety of paint grades at your local big box store, some of which are professional quality and others of which are quite cheap. Allowing your professionals to take care of getting the paint ensures they’ll have a good-quality product to work with.

Painters often have access to better pricing

Because professional painting contractors purchase paint so frequently, they often have arrangements with paint stores that will give them high-quality products at much lower prices than what you’d be able to get as an independent buyer. Therefore, even if you know exactly the kind of paint you want to purchase and are confident it’s a good-quality paint that will meet the needs of your project, you should probably still let the professional actually go out and make the purchase, just to save yourself a bit of money.

Allowing the painter to get the paint ensures the work will be up to par

Professional painters have certain standards of quality they strive to uphold so they can maintain a strong reputation in their field. If you end up giving them a low-quality product to work with, you shouldn’t be surprised if the result is of lower quality than what you were expecting based on the painter’s portfolio and reputation. Quality work requires quality products, and the professionals who will be handling the job for you are certain to know how to get that quality.

For more information about the various issues to consider when preparing to hire a professional painting contractor in Pensacola, FL to work at your home, contact Fresh Start Painting Inc. today.

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