Five Reasons to Repaint Your Home's Exterior This Spring

Five Reasons to Repaint Your Home’s Exterior This Spring

March 23, 2020

It’s that time of year again when the plants begin to bloom and the birds start chirping the first notes of spring. Across the country, homeowners will step out into their yards, pull their lawnmowers out from under a tarp, toss on their gardening gloves and get to work revitalizing the outside of their homes. Of course, hours of yard work mean next to nothing when the rest of your home is beginning to look shabby.

If that sounds like your situation, it might be time to consider exterior painting in Pensacola, FL.

Repair winter damage

Pensacola may not have much of a reputation as a hot spot for snow seekers, but any resident can tell you that the winter months don’t bypass Pensacola altogether. Months of freezing weather and cold rains take their toll on the outside of your home.

Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause your paint to swell and distend until it cracks and leaves your home exposed to the effects of Mother Nature.

Routine maintenance

How long has it been since your home was last repainted? The average homeowner should look into exterior painting in Pensacola, FL every five to seven years. At that point, your paint’s color is likely faded or even cracking, and its ability to seal your house against the hazards of the outside world has likely been compromised.

Undo sun damage

Basking in the bright Florida sunshine is one of the best parts of living in the state. Unfortunately, that sunlight is a double-edged sword. Over time, the sunlight causes paint erosion. To the average observer, paint erosion will manifest in the form of the faded vibrance of your house color. You may not think it’s a big deal to watch your paint’s color fade away, but as the vibrance of your paint dulls, its ability to protect your home diminishes, as well.

Prepare for inclement weather ahead

Since 1975, Pensacola has found itself in the crosshairs of eight hurricanes. Given the broader state’s reputation, that’s an above-average track record. That said, when hurricane season rolls around, Pensacola often feels the effects. When the rains are pouring down outside your windows, you’ll want to have as much protection for your home as possible. That means a fresh coat of paint ready to laugh in the face of the storm.

Looking to sell?

For any homeowners looking to put their house on the market in the spring and summer, a fresh coat of paint is a great way to attract potential buyers. Keep this in mind: if someone is searching for a new home, they’re much more likely to avoid coming inside your house and exploring further if the outside looks shabby.

Pensacola’s painting pros

At Fresh Start Painting, Inc., we specialize in exterior painting in Pensacola, FL, but that’s not all our highly-skilled team can do. In addition to exterior painting, we’re experts when it comes to interior painting, pressure washing, drywall repair and so much more.

Commercial or residential, we can handle it. All you have to do is pick up the phone, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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