Paint Colors That Can Actually Help Your Home Look Cleaner

Paint Colors That Can Actually Help Your Home Look Cleaner

July 1, 2020

Keeping a home clean is hard enough as it is without your paint making things worse. Believe it or not, there are some paint colors that actually make rooms appear messy, even after you’ve scrubbed every inch from floor to ceiling. If you’re tired of the frustrated feeling caused by the unclean look of certain parts of your home, consider your options for interior painting in Pensacola, FL.

Paint colors to avoid

When clients come to us with questions about choosing the right colors for interior painting in Pensacola, FL, there are certain shades and hues we do not recommend because they give the appearance of dirt or grime. Obviously, no one wants their home to look untended or filthy. That is why you shouldn’t choose:

  • Earth tones: Browns, tans or yellows are especially poor choices in rooms with a tendency to become untidy, such as a foyer or a kitchen.
  • Muddy beiges: A classic neutral, a beige paint color can quickly go from chic to shabby in the wrong lighting or room.
  • Whites with the wrong undertones: Again, white is another cherished neutral tone. But those white hues with yellow or brown undertones are going to look grungy despite all the time you’ve spent scouring the walls.
  • Pastel colors: You might think shades like lilac or mint are great for adding a subtle pop of color to a room. Unfortunately, pastels tend to look more muddled and grubby than you would expect. Think more drab than fab.

Paint colors for a clean home

Now that you know what colors not to use, here’s the list of hues to try in your home to keep everything neat and orderly:

  • Grays: Surprisingly, gray tones look fabulous in many homes. People often associate gray with grime, but soft grays, grays with colorful undertones and earthy grays are increasingly popular among interior designers for good reason: they are versatile and elegant.
  • Blues: There is such a wide range of blue colors that add such a crisp element to any interior aesthetic. Blue adds a bold pop of color while maintaining a pristine appearance in any room after cleaning.
  • Pinks: Just like blue, pink is a multi-faceted shade that can work in many different rooms. From muted hues to jewel tones, pink is a fun and fresh way to brighten up your home. For instance, a darker shade of pink looks so inviting and regal in a bedroom.

Anyone can paint the interior of a home. How good the quality of the work is depends entirely on you. You can opt to do it yourself, and run the risk of choosing the wrong color, not properly preparing your walls beforehand, spending money on the wrong supplies and so on. Or you can hire an top-rated business that understands everything about interior painting in Pensacola, FL.

Since 2006, the team at Fresh Start Painting Inc. has provided the highest quality painting work along with peripheral services and prep work to homeowners in and around Pensacola. To get a free estimate on our services as well as a free color consultation with a color professional, contact us today.

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