Want a Fresh Interior? Try a New Coat of Paint

Want a Fresh Interior? Try a New Coat of Paint

July 15, 2020

Time flies by so quickly. It might seem like you painted the inside of your home just the other day, but before you know it, years have passed and rooms are starting to show their age. Instead of letting your property look like it has fallen into disrepair, learn about the many benefits of paying for interior painting in Pensacola, FL.

Remodel without the hassle

When the budget is tight but you want to update your house, interior painting in Pensacola, FL costs way less than a remodeling project. Additionally, an interior paint job refreshes the walls in your home, making it seem like you went to all of the trouble of actually renovating the space. For less money and less headache, you can have a brand-new interior to your home with some high-quality paint work.

Spruce up your space

Is your dwelling feeling drab? We’ve all been spending so much time at home lately, and maybe you’re ready for a fun change. A new paint color palette for a room or section of your home can make all the difference. When the project is completed, it’s going to seem like you’ve walked into a completely different house.

Maintain the structure

A house is a sizable asset that you want to protect with each passing year. Paint isn’t just meant as a decorative material to cover your walls. In fact, paint provides a few layers of protection from a number of issues ranging from stains to moisture damage. By applying a few coats of paint, you are taking the necessary precautions to keep your abode in tip-top shape.

Increase the value

It doesn’t matter if you intend to sell your home soon or not—some new paint can increase your property’s overall value. If you do plan to list your property for sale in the near future, an interior paint job will really make the rooms shine when interested buyers come to visit. The more attractive your house looks, the more likely it is that it will sell faster.

Better indoor air quality

Older paints contain numerous volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Information from the American Lung Association indicates that some VOCs may cause nervous system and organ damage. Furthermore, maternal exposure to some VOCs found in paint may increase the risk of low birth weight, delayed development and learning disabilities.

Fortunately, manufacturers now produce low-VOC and no-VOC paints. Choosing these products is vital to maintaining good indoor air quality and keeping your family safe. Any paint professional with experience and expertise will know to use these paints instead of potentially harmful ones.

When perusing your options for interior painting in Pensacola, FL, you want to work with an insured and bonded business that offers complete painting services. It’s so important to find experts that can provide everything from color consultations to staining and finishing.

Don’t live with worn and weathered interior paint. Instead, contact the highly-rated team at Fresh Start Painting Inc. now. For over a decade, our reliable professionals have prided themselves on delivering the best painting services in the Pensacola area. Get in touch today for your free service estimate.

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