Switching House Siding from Wood to Vinyl

Switching House Siding from Wood to Vinyl

October 20, 2020

If your home is plagued with rot and deterioration, it’s time to switch your house siding from wood to vinyl. The material doesn’t need constant maintenance and will stand up to Pensacola, FL weather. Consider the benefits of vinyl while you prepare for a house siding update.

Low maintenance

Wood exteriors need more frequent upkeep than vinyl. They come with a greater risk of mold, which breaks down the siding over time. The material also has to be painted every few years to guard against chips and fading. Plus, the intense sun in Pensacola, FL causes paint to bubble if not applied properly.

Switching your house siding from wood to vinyl is a great way to save time and energy on maintenance. Vinyl is super durable and won’t rot like wood. Even though severe weather can damage vinyl, all it needs is a power wash every once in a while to clear away dirt.

Cost efficient

Wood not only requires much more effort to maintain, but also hurts your wallet. All those paint jobs on wooden siding really add up. If you’re not careful, mold and rodent infestations could force you to install new siding. Wood exteriors are more than twice the cost of vinyl, even if both materials have the same level of quality.

Vinyl is much cheaper thanks to its simple installation process. The equipment and labor required to install vinyl is much less than with wood siding. Plus, you won’t have to spend money on paint. Some homeowners may choose to paint vinyl siding, but this isn’t a requirement. Vinyl looks polished and pristine in its natural state.

More color options

Though it gives every home a timeless look, wood siding is very limited in style. It’s a great option if you’re looking for durability, but the wood types available may not be to your liking. Many homeowners who choose wooden exteriors have to deal with the cost of both the installation and securing their paint color.

On the other hand, vinyl comes in a wide variety of hues to suit every homeowner’s taste. The colors to choose from are limitless, and you won’t even have to paint it. If versatility is important to you, vinyl is the best choice for your house siding update.

Easy installation

Switching your house siding from wood to vinyl is super easy. There are many different ways a professional can adhere vinyl directly on top of a wooden exterior. If you go with this option, make sure your wood siding is free of rot and mold. Otherwise, it’s perfectly acceptable to remove wood siding and put down the new vinyl for your house siding update.

Vinyl is the perfect material for homeowners who want a polished look that’s easy to maintain at minimal cost. When you switch from wood to vinyl, it’s important to have a trained professional by your side. Fresh Start Painting Inc. serves the greater Pensacola, FL area and delivers quality workmanship every single time. Read our customer reviews to learn what we can do for you!

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