New Year's Makeover: Color Suggestions for Your Walls

New Year’s Makeover: Color Suggestions for Your Walls

December 30, 2021

Most people take January 1 as a chance for new beginnings. They might resolve to exercise more, to eat healthier or to quit smoking. Beyond those resolutions, many people take the new year as a chance to make some changes to their living space.

Maybe it’s time to refinish the hardwood floors or finally convert the attic into an office, or maybe it’s just time to break out the rollers and the brushes and get painting.

Paint your home for the new year, and you’ll surely feel rejuvenated and excited, so read on for some tips about this year’s hottest color suggestions:

  • Shamrock: Greens and pinks are some of the colors most in demand for 2022. A great example in this category is Shamrock from Sherwin-Williams—a great pick to have your room looking the part by the time St. Patrick’s Day rolls around. It’s a bold green that’s well suited to interior painting and could be a great fit for an accent wall.
  • Green smoke: This Farrow & Ball color is a grayish green that’s sure to bring a lot of compliments from visitors to your home in the new year. It can work well in small doses (think bureaus and end tables) or in a bedroom or a powder room.
  • Calamine: This beautifully-feminine light pink can be a great fit for small and large rooms alike. It can really warm up a space too, so it could be a great fit for a room that doesn’t exactly get a lot of sunshine. Try it in a space where you might ordinarily have used a white or a tan.
  • Stone blue: This color is particularly popular for interior painting because it represents a disconnection from the technology that we’ve all gotten more tethered to in the past few years. It’s a bluish green that brings serenity and balance to the mind and can turn any room into a real unplugged sanctuary.
  • Fandango: This offering from C2 Paint represents a bit of a departure from the pinks and greens we’ve outlined so far. It’s a color that almost defies description; it could be a red, a pink or a peach, and yet, it’s not really any of those. It’s a beautiful yet casual hue that can really make your white molding pop if you paint an entire room with it.
  • Earth tones: These are more of a category than a specific color but are still a great idea for interior painting. Experts believe that more and more of us will try and turn our homes into sanctuaries that mirror the outdoors, and these colors fit that bill perfectly.

Painting your home for the new year is a wonderful way to renew your connection with your home and your family. Our team at Fresh Start Painting Inc. can offer you advice on what colors could be a good fit for your home’s rooms depending on its lighting, its size and other factors, so get in touch today for an expert consultation.

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