How to Pick the Right Color for Your Front Door

How to Pick the Right Color for Your Front Door

February 16, 2022

The front door to your home is the first thing people see when they arrive. As such, it’s important that you pick a color for it that complements the rest of your home. Knowing how to pick a front door color isn’t always innate, however.

Whether you want to make a bold statement or opt for something more understated, taking some time to decide which color you want for your front door is prudent.

There are some dos and don’ts when it comes to front door paint colors, and that’s what we’ll cover in this article.

Do: Consider the whole picture

When deciding how to pick a front door color, consider your home’s style and its immediate surroundings. This means accounting for everything from the color of the trim around your door to the style of windows on your home.

For example, traditional front door colors like brown, black or gray would jive nicely with a classical style home, while a bolder color like purple or turquoise would really pop on a more modern abode.

Do: Look at other homes in your area

Where you live can and should have an influence on what color you pick for your front door. On a larger scale, homes in the American Southwest utilize brighter colors due to the cultural influences at play there in addition to the amount of sun that the area gets.

Homes in the Pacific Northwest are more understated, displaying softer earth tones like green, gray and brown. On a smaller scale, look at the homes in your neighborhood, and consider some of the colors that others have selected for their front doors. You can draw inspiration from them.

Do: Consult the color wheel

Looking at a color wheel can greatly help when deciding how to pick a front door color. You can choose contrasting colors opposite each other on the color wheel or select colors that are next to each other to provide a more cohesive warmer or cooler feel.

Don’t: Pick your color when you’re indoors

How the sunlight hits your front door will impact how the color looks. Viewing color swatches under fluorescent lighting in a hardware store is a far cry from the dawn’s early morning light illuminating your front door.

Tape paint swatches to your front door and check on them periodically throughout the day to see how they look. This should provide a better representation of the colors you’re thinking about.

Don’t: Be afraid to try something different

Most homeowners would rather choose a color that’s low key or muted, like brown, black or gray—and there’s nothing wrong with those colors or that strategy—but maybe you want to make a statement with your home and try something different.

Your front door is an opportunity to take a stylistic chance with a bold color like turquoise, orange or lime green. If it suits your home’s geographical area and your neighborhood, give it a shot. You can always paint over it later if you don’t like it.

Call to have your front door painted today

Understanding the dos and don’ts of picking front door paint colors is the first step to grasping how to pick a front door color. If you’d like to have your front door or home painted, call us at Fresh Start Painting Inc. We offer a vast array of interior and exterior painting services, in addition to pressure washing, siding and drywall repair services, so call us today.

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