Signs That It Is Time To Repaint Your Interior Paint Color

Signs That It Is Time To Repaint Your Interior Paint Color

May 30, 2022

Every home needs to have a good appearance and be comfortable. The first thing that comes to most people’s mind where a house’s appearance is concerned is paint. What is more, paint is the key defense against things like pests and harsh weather. As such, specialists advise that a home’s paint be in the finest condition.

Good interior paintwork can last for many years, but it ultimately begins to wear out even with proper maintenance. Worn-out paint can considerably change the appearance of your home’s interior. 

Repainting your home’s interior improves the coziness of the house and enhances its appearance. Although there aren’t fixed rules on how frequently you require repainting your home, there are several signs it is time for a new paint job. 

Indicators it is time to repaint your home’s interior

  •  Fading: Paint fades with time due to factors like water intrusion and sun bleaching. However, good quality paint takes many years to fade. Generally, dark colors fade faster, but no paint appears good when faded. 
  • Cracking and bubbling: Bubbles and (or) cracks on your paint’s surface are caused by mold and rot. Moreover, they may be due to extreme weather like sandy wind, storms, harsh winters, and strong sunlight. Cracks and bubbles on paint are more unpleasant than fading. Thus, they are a clear sign you should repaint your house.
  • Peeling: Peeling of paint is perhaps the clearest sign that our house needs a fresh coat. High-quality paint should not peel off. However, poor-quality paint ultimately does. Factors like harsh winters and exposure to strong sunlight also enhance peel-off. Peeling of paint makes your house appear run down. Moreover, it exposes the walls to elements like extreme weather.
  • Chalking: Chalking isn’t always easy to notice. To know whether the paint is chalking, you should feel the texture of the surface by running your hand over it. If chalk residue is left on your hard, it is a clear sign that the paint is chalking. Chalking is normally caused by several years of exposure to extreme weather. It can be harmful to your health; thus, you should repaint our house as soon as you notice chalking.
  • Aging: Different paint brands have a varying life spans. High-quality paints last for up to ten years, whereas poor-quality paints have a life span of at most five years. Aging out is normally accompanied by chalking and bubbling but might not be profound. However, you need to repaint your house when advised by the manufacturer on the cans of paint to avoid complications.
  • Lack of appeal: One of the key purposes of paint is visual appeal. As such, you should consider repainting your home if your current hue no longer appeals to your ho eyes; this is particularly vital for interior paint.
  • Rotten wood: Protecting your house walls is one of the basic purposes of paint. Therefore, rotting wood is a clear signal that your current paint needs repainting soon, or you will have to bear more expenses.
  • Morphing: Morphing refers to fading and changing of paint color in patches or entirely. For example, beige morphs to pink if exposed to the sun. Morphing affects only exterior painting. However, some paint brands are designed to withstand UV rays. Surprisingly morphing can be an ugly or a beautiful transformation, and in the former case, the only option is to repaint.



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