Why Your Bathroom Paint Is Peeling and How To Fix It

Why Your Bathroom Paint Is Peeling and How To Fix It

July 25, 2022

Any room with a lot of moisture can often suffer from peeling paint, like a bathroom or kitchen. It creates an unsightly surface and leads to many problems like decaying walls or mold. You’ll want to address peeling walls immediately to prevent future problems. Read on to learn why your bathroom paint is peeling and how to stop it. 

Paint Peeling Causes

There can be a lot of reasons your paint has started to peel. Moisture is the biggest culprit of your peeling paint. Steam from showers can create moisture that wedges between the paint layer beneath the surface. Once the paint peeling begins, it can allow more moisture, creating a cycle of more peeling. The surface needs to be sealed to stop moisture from accumulating.

How To Stop Bathroom Paint From Peeling

The first step to stop the bathroom from peeling is to remove existing peeling paint. This process will stop further moisture from working its way into the crevices. You can use a paint scraper and slowly move it back and forth to agitate the area. Once you meet resistance, you’ll have to cut and trim the area using a utility knife. The paint layer will need to be sanded or leveled out using a joint compound. 

Next, you’ll have to seal the area with paint and primer. You’ll want to clean the peeling area with a mold or mildew cleaner and then allow it to try completely. You can then apply paint and primer once the area is ready. You should also protect your floor with a plastic sheet or other covering to stop paint from falling.

Can You Prevent Paint From Peeling?

There are some steps you can take to stop paint from peeling. First, you’ll want to ensure proper ventilation in your bathroom and install some if you don’t have any. Visible steam must escape, and windows are a good option if the weather permits. Otherwise, you can use fans to help get rid of the moisture.

Also, get into the habit of using your fan or opening a window when you shower. It will help stop moisture from building up inside the bathroom. You can also leave the door open when showering to prevent moisture buildup. 

Once you notice paint peeling, you’ll want to take action immediately. You can prevent a larger problem by tackling the problem upfront. You can also take some preventative measures to stop moisture buildup. 

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