How to Choose the Best Paint Color for Your Front Door

How to Choose the Best Paint Color for Your Front Door

November 28, 2022

Your front door is frequently the first impression visitors get when they enter your home. As a result, you’ll want to paint your front door in a color that is both inviting and tasteful. If you’re planning on reselling your home, a smartly chosen front door paint color can add resale value to the home. 

For such a simple fix, picking the best shade of paint for your front door is worth investing some time and thought. To help you select the right hue for your front door, we’ve listed tips to pick the right color for your front door below.

When choosing the best color for your front door, take your surroundings into account. Sometimes, inspiration for a front door color can be as simple as the colors of the plants around the house or the typical paint colors in the neighborhood. While you don’t want to blend into the crowd, sticking with colors that are already working for a community can project a sense of professionalism and style with minimal effort on a home.

In addition to looking at your surroundings, you’ll also want the front door color to complement the current style of the house itself. A modern home can use bright colors or sleek neutral tones. An old farmhouse may want neutral, dark front door colors. Avoid splashing bold colors on the front door that clash with others. If your house is a bright shade of green, for example, an even brighter shade of green in an unflattering tone might not be a great choice. If your house has neutral colors on the siding, windows, shutters, and roof, a colorful front door might be just the pop of color it needs to liven things up.

Pick your front door color outdoors while in natural lighting to make the best choice. This way, you’ll know what the door will probably look like on the outside. Sometimes, paint can look completely different indoors than it does outside. This difference is important to consider as you select a front door color.

Stick with neutral, classic tones if you want a classy front door. Browns, grays, blacks, and even wood stains make great choices for down-to-earth, timeless front door colors.

Monochromatic color schemes can also be very stylish on a front door. If everything on your house is brown, choosing a brown shade for your front door will help pull it together. If your house is painted blue everywhere, a blue door may complement the existing paintwork.

Finally, you’ll want to pick the right kind of paint for the front door. Choose weather-resistant paint that’s safe for outdoor use. Also, make sure the paint is designed to go over the specific material of the door. There’s no use in finding a shade you love if the paint is designed for decorative indoor use only or specifically made for wood when you have a metal door that needs fresh paint.

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