A Guide to Office Color Psychology

A Guide to Office Color Psychology

December 5, 2022

There is more to colors than meets the eye (pun intended), and choosing the right colors for your office will make a difference. The key to using colors in positive and effective ways, however, means understanding how paint colors can affect your mood and perception and the psychology behind colors.

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Office

Should you use blue or beige for the lobby walls? What about the office, or mail room? The major concern regarding how paint colors can affect your mood is that those colors can work for or against us.

While some colors instill a more energetic vibe, other colors can promote feelings of tiredness or even depression. Do you want your office to inspire or depress? Would you prefer your waiting area to exude an aura of happiness or anxiety?

Choosing the right colors for your office makes a difference. Here is a quick look at the effects of a few common colors, and why you should give careful consideration to the colors you choose.


A color associated with nature, green colors are peaceful and can help the mind focus. While green colors are easy to look at they can run the risk of inducing a state of stagnancy. Green colors are a good choice for waiting rooms, reading areas, or computer rooms, but perhaps not as ideal in busier offices or work environments.


The color blue is a true power color. It not only stimulates our minds but helps us focus while reducing mental strain along with our blood pressure and heart rate. In offices that demand extended periods of concentration or repetitive work, the color blue can be very beneficial. If there is a caution when using blue colors, it is the potential for darker blues to stir feelings of depression or sadness.


Excitement, vibrance, love, and even hunger (the golden arches use red for a reason), are all feelings and emotions that red can create. Known to stimulate and increase blood flow, respiration, energy, and heart rate, red can also intensify our thoughts and feelings.


If your goal is to evoke warmth and happiness, the color yellow is what you want. Yellow can also incite hunger (the other golden arches color), boost confidence, and promote memory. Just be careful of yellow overkill as it may raise anger or other negative emotions, in addition to being a strain on the eyes.

Black & White

Touches of black can express authority and power, although too much can create a darker or uninviting atmosphere. White is perceived as sterile and clean and is often found in hospitals and medical facilities. Too much white or too bright of white can create glare or cause eye strain.

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