Interior Painting Tips And Tricks

Interior Painting Tips And Tricks

March 27, 2023

Painting your home’s interior can be one of the most cost-effective ways to update its look. But it can be tricky if you don’t know how to get started. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of some of the best interior painting tips and tricks. These will make your project go smoother and help you achieve a professional-looking finish! 

Use Painter’s Tape 

When painting interiors, the use of painter’s tape is one of the most important tips to keep in mind. This is because it’s specially formulated to keep the liquid from seeping through. It is also designed to remove cleanly after the job has been done. This makes it a better choice than masking tape, which tends to leave residue if left up for the duration of a painting project. When buying painter’s tape, look for a product that states how long it can be left on without damaging the surface. This is usually three days, but some products claim to be able to remove cleanly for up to 14 days. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Scrape 

As you can imagine, repainting a home can be a grueling task. Fortunately, some of the tedious processes involved can be cut down or eliminated entirely. For instance, not every paint job needs to be sanded and primed. The most efficient and effective method is to scrape away the loose, flaky pre-existing paint. The best way to do this is to use a good quality scraping tool that will get the job done with minimum effort on your part.  

Clean Your Brushes 

Many painters forget to clean their brushes before using them, which can lead to paint sitting in the bristles and ruining them. This is especially true if they’re not cleaned frequently or in the wrong way. To get rid of dried paint, pour a small amount of alcohol or acetone into a jar or dish and swirl the brush around. This will remove excess paint from the bristles and make the brushes less stiff. You can also use a bar of soap and work the soap into the bristles. This will create suds and push any remaining paint into the ferrule. This will make the brushes a lot easier to work with when painting. 

Dry Your Brushes 

If you don’t forget to dry your brushes, they’ll last longer and are more resilient. Leaving them on their sides to dry can cause them to bend and trap water in the handle. If you’re switching colors, use an old cotton rag (lint-free) to wipe the bristles clean before applying the new paint. This will avoid adding oil to the next color, slowing its dry time. After you’ve cleaned your brushes, wrap them in thin cardboard or paper to protect the bristles from being bent while they dry. You can also place them in a plastic bag to keep them protected until you’re ready to use them again! 

Clean Your Rollers 

While it may be tempting to skip the cleaning step when you’re painting, don’t do it. We promise it will save you time and money later on. When you paint, your rollers are constantly absorbing paint from the paint can. This is why it’s important not to forget to clean your rollers after every use. Keeping your rollers clean will also help your paint last longer, meaning you’ll need to buy less paint! 

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