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Why You Should Repaint Your Home’s Interior Walls

December 2, 2021

Wondering why you should repaint your home’s interior? No matter how well you take care of your walls, the paint can fade over time. If you don’t want your walls to look drab and boring, it’s important to repaint them from time to time. Repainting interior walls is also a great way to cover cracks, improve a home’s value and much more. Read on for many reasons to paint your home’s interior. Allows you to change things up If you’re tired of looking at the same white walls, consider having them repainted a new color. The possibilities are endless when... View Article

How Does Exterior Paint Protect Your Home?

November 10, 2021

We’ve all seen how a fresh coat of paint can transform the look of a home. But did you know that paint also provides protection against all sorts of issues? Continue reading to learn the benefits of exterior paint beyond its aesthetic appeal: Guards against the elements: All the rain we get throughout the year can do a number on a home’s exterior. If it’s not protected by paint, the moisture can seep into the siding and really wreak havoc. Thankfully, the right exterior paint keeps moisture at bay. Quality paint also blocks the sun’s UV rays and prevents them... View Article

The Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Home

October 27, 2021

When we think of external home maintenance, pressure washing likely isn’t one of the common items on the to-do list—but it should be! Pressure washing your home provides an array of benefits that can’t be delivered with a simple garden hose or scrub brush. Continue reading to learn a few of the reasons to pressure wash your siding: Prevents damage: Moss, mildew, dirt and grime don’t just look bad. They can damage your paint, concrete sealant and siding materials. Once those areas are compromised, problems can develop underneath the surface. Because it blasts away all that grime, pressure washing is... View Article

Paint Ideas to Make Your Mantel Pop

October 15, 2021

Most mantels form the focal point of the room. To make this piece really pop, it’s important to choose the right paint and décor. With a good color scheme and the right accents, you can transform your manel from blah to beautiful in no time. Use the following tips from your local painting contractor to create a magazine-worthy mantel. Try a layered look: Match your mantel color to the trims and moldings in the room. This will create a layered look that adds dimension and texture to the space. Be sure to include soft lighting to accent the mantel area... View Article

Interior Paint Color Trends for 2021

October 1, 2021

It’s time to redecorate. What color scheme should you choose? Traditional? Bold? If you’re looking for the latest designs, consider trying one of the following trending options for interior painting this year. With these simple yet attractive color designs, you’re sure to find a scheme that is perfect for your surroundings. The Blues Have It. Blue is known for its soothing qualities, and 2020 was a rough year for a lot of people. So, it makes sense that shades of blue will be hitting the walls this year and in the near future. Look for deep blue walls and blue... View Article