Why Is Winter an Ideal Time to Paint the Interior of Your Home?

Why Is Winter an Ideal Time to Paint the Interior of Your Home?

November 7, 2019

Most homeowners tackle renovation and home improvement projects during the spring and summer months, but completing certain projects during the winter can have a lot of benefits. Interior painting in Pensacola, FL is a great winter project that can transform the appearance of your space. Winter painting has some unique advantages over summer painting. Read on to find out why painting during the winter months is such a good idea.

Good weather during the summer is a strong motivator for homeowners to get some work done around the house. With plenty of daylight and warm weather, summer is the most popular time for homeowners to tackle lots of improvement projects. When it comes to interior painting, though, summer isn’t always the best time to get work done. In fact, there are several reasons why winter might be the best time for you to have your home’s interior painted:

  • Less humidity in the air: Summer weather is sunny and warm, but it is also humid, and that can be an issue when you’re painting. Excessive humidity can cause paint to crack and chip. The limited humidity that’s in the air during the winter months is far better for paint application. A winter climate is ideal for painting walls and giving them time to dry fully before humidity picks up in the spring and summer.
  • More time for summer projects: There are likely many projects for you to tackle during the summer months, so it’s worth it to check a couple of things off your to-do list during the winter if you can. Completing interior painting in Pensacola, FL during the winter gives you more time during the summer for other home renovation and improvement projects.
  • Winter is ideal for interior improvement: With the chilly weather and heavy precipitation during the winter months, chances are, you’ll be spending a lot more time indoors. Take advantage of all of that extra time in your home by getting your house organized and making improvements, like interior painting. Get your home ready for holiday guests and give yourself time during the summer for exterior projects by taking the opportunity to tackle interior painting during the winter.
  • Less waiting for contractors: Painting contractors are usually at their busiest in the spring and summer, so hiring a contractor during the winter can cut down on your wait time. In some cases, contractors might even offer deals on painting services during the winter months, so make sure to ask the contractor you are considering about any seasonal promotions during your consultation.

Interior painting in Pensacola, FL

If you’re interested in tackling interior painting in Pensacola, FL this winter, contact Fresh Start Painting Inc. No matter what time of year it is, our family owned and operated business offers premier painting services to homeowners throughout the area. We can help you achieve a fresh new look for your home this winter with high quality paints and a professional team of painters. Get started with a free consultation and a service quote by giving us a call today.

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