Choosing an Exterior Paint Color for Your Home

Choosing an Exterior Paint Color for Your Home

April 15, 2020

As you pull up to your house, the feeling you get when looking at it should be one of pride. Too often, however, the paint job on your home might cause feelings of despair rather than feelings of joy. Perhaps the paint is old and starting to chip away. Maybe the color is out of date. Or maybe your house is just not up to par with the fresh-looking homes around you. No matter the reason, choosing the right color for exterior painting in Pensacola, FL is extremely important.

Figuring out what color combinations go best with your house’s architecture, the neighborhood and your overall style shouldn’t be stressful. Here are a few things to consider to help you make sure you pick a color that will fill you with pride every time you step outside.

Consider the architecture

Taking a look at the architecture of your home first will help make a decision about the exterior color. Colonial-style homes tend to stick to one, classically neutral color like white or beige, while modern homes with steel and wood accents might be paired well with a rich gray. Looking at magazines or at houses in the neighborhood with similar architecture may help you pin down a palette that works best.

Consider the shade

Choosing a shade—light, mid-tone or dark—can seem like simply a matter of personal preference, but there are factors to consider outside of your likes and dislikes. Sticking to shades that complement the houses around yours will make your house feel like it belongs in the neighborhood. Additionally, you should consider the size of your exterior. A larger house in a darker color may look intimidating from the outside, while a smaller house in a very light color may get lost.

Consider the roof and accent colors

Factoring in the roof and any stone, brick or trim accent colors is vital when choosing your new exterior paint color. If you have a black or neutral gray roof, you are in luck—most colors go well with black and gray. However, if you have shingles with undertones of any other color, you will want to consider that when choosing an exterior color. The same goes for any accents on your home. Choose a color for your exterior paint that complements the red, green, blue or tan undertone of the shingles and accents to ensure the best curb appeal.

Consider a team to get the job done

When it comes down to it, choosing a great team to paint the exterior of your home will really make a difference. Whether you have already chosen the best color for your house on your own or you need some professional guidance, Fresh Start Painting Inc. is ready to help you with your exterior painting in Pensacola, FL. We take pride in assisting you with the details, from choosing the best paint for your siding material to helping enhance the full scope of your exterior surfaces. Give us a call today.

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