Four Color Options for Kitchen Cabinets

Four Color Options for Kitchen Cabinets

September 18, 2020

When you are painting cabinets in Pensacola, FL, your first concern may be how to match them to your walls and furnishings. This often feels intimidating, and many people give up and choose the simplest color possible—even if it’s not what they really want. Rather than give in to the path of least resistance, here are four colors that work well for cabinet painting:

  • White: White is a popular cabinet color for good reason. It is fresh and airy, and brings in light. Your kitchen looks larger as light reflects off the cabinets, and it’s easy to match appliances, paint colors and furnishings to them. White cabinets also work with all kitchen styles, and while it seems boring, its neutral presentation creates a lot of options. Whether you want a classic or modern kitchen, white cabinets will not let you down. If you need pop, add color through a tiled backsplash or choose distinctive knobs and door pulls.
  • Gray: For those who wish to avoid the starkness of white, gray is a good alternative. It creates a space that is both welcoming and refined. Gray is an elegant color, and it will stand out well against white walls and bright backsplashes. You can also complement gray with wood accents and distinctive fixtures. Like white, gray looks nice with any combination of countertops, wall colors and appliances. It’s just more muted, which is preferred by many homeowners.
  • Greige: For a different take on gray, check out “greige.” This invented color combines gray and beige to create a warm neutral tone. Like white, greige is versatile and will match any combination of countertops, appliances and furnishings. Basically, it’s a more earthy tone than white or gray, and matches well with blue or green.
  • Blue: Blue is the best option if you prefer a bolder look. It’s versatile and offers many shades. Rich, saturated blue is bold but for a cooler tone, choose pale blue, which offers the same elements as gray or white, but with more color. Whether blue is a neutral or bold color is up to you. White countertops contrast nicely with blue cabinets and offer extra pop if your kitchen contains wood flooring.

When you choose kitchen cabinet colors, keep a few design rules in mind. First, consider your kitchen size. Lighter shades for the walls will make your kitchen seem larger, and if you have a small home, darker shades for cabinets and counters will make the space seem tiny.

To balance shades, go for contrast. If you choose blue or gray for cabinets, pick stark white for the walls. That combination adds space and helps colors stand out. If you want a bright and airy kitchen, choose lighter shades for the cabinets and walls. Add color through backsplashes and other design accents.

Fresh Start Painting Inc. offers cabinet painting services in Pensacola, FL. We can also help you choose the best colors for your kitchen before we start painting cabinets. Call us today to schedule a consultation and estimate.

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