How Often Should You Repaint Your Home's Exterior?

How Often Should You Repaint Your Home’s Exterior?

October 6, 2020

When guests come over, your home’s exterior is the first thing they’ll see. House repainting not only creates a great first impression, but also gives your home a pristine look. A fresh paint job is especially important in Pensacola, FL, because the weather creates wear and tear. Keep reading to learn how often you should repaint your house.

Siding material

A good rule of thumb is to paint your home’s exterior every five to 10 years. However, the number one factor in determining how often you should repaint your house is the siding material. Some materials hold a paint job better than others. For example, wooden exteriors require the most upkeep and should get a fresh coat of paint every three to seven years. On the other hand, brick can retain a paint job for up to 20 years!

Aluminum and stucco are pretty common siding materials, and their paint jobs usually last five years with proper maintenance. There are many other types of siding that all have different timelines for house repainting. Consult a professional painter in Pensacola, FL to get more detailed information about your siding.

Quality of the paint

How often you should repaint your house also depends on the current paint job. Figure out which type of paint covers the house exterior. Other factors like the color and number of coats also contribute to house repainting frequency. The best paint jobs involve a light shade applied in more than one coat. When you pick out a new paint, acrylic is the way to go.

If possible, gain info about the weather conditions during your house’s last paint job. Paint dries best on a sunny day with no rain the previous week. If your siding was damp or painted during extreme temperatures, it’s probably time to apply a fresh coat.

Geographic region

How often you paint your home’s exterior also depends on where you live. The hot summers of Pensacola, FL can make paint bubble and fade over time. Houses with little to no tree coverage sustain more damage from the elements. Also, high levels of humidity and tropical storms wear down paint more quickly than mild climates. Even the best paint jobs need touching up with this kind of weather.

Wear and tear

Regardless of your paint and siding quality, every house needs regular exterior maintenance. Watch out for signs of mold, rot and infestations. Damp weather is the prime opportunity for mold to break down a paint job. Even worse, critters that burrow into your home will leave holes in the siding. To avoid these problems in the future, allow the exterior to dry completely before repainting and fill in all the gaps.

As you can see, there are right and wrong approaches to repainting a house. Doing so incorrectly wastes time and costs you lots of money in repairs. If your home’s exterior is starting to look dingy, leave house repainting to the professionals at Fresh Start Painting Inc. We offer a full range of exterior painting services that will restore the appearance of your home.

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