How a Paint Color Can Change the Look and Feel of Your Bedroom

How a Paint Color Can Change the Look and Feel of Your Bedroom

December 21, 2020

Picking the right color for your bedroom requires some extra thought and care. You want something pleasing, but not a color that will keep you awake. It should be soothing, but not so soothing that you feel drained or tired in the morning. Colors have a very real impact on mood and energy, so it’s crucial to pick a paint color that works for your home and personality. Read on to learn more about the best colors to make your home look and feel great in Pensacola, FL.

How do you want your bedroom to feel?

Choosing a “mood” for your bedroom is the first step. What kind of bedroom do you want? Is it warm and cozy, modern and clean or bright and cheerful? Once you’ve decided how you want to feel when you wake up or go to sleep, you can decide which colors might be the right fit.

When you’re considering the mood, you should also think about features you want to enhance or quirks you’d like to hide. For example, some paint colors or techniques will make a small bedroom look bigger, or make a large room seem cozier.

Colors to match the mood

What kind of mood are you hoping to establish in your bedroom? Here are some suggestions based on your needs:

  • Soft and cozy: Muted pastels are a great way to make your bedroom seem soft and cozy. If you want a bedroom that seems warm at night and cheerful in the morning, pick a color with a warm tone, like a pale yellow or dusty pink. Cooler tones also add a soft, soothing quality to the space.
  • A bigger space: If your bedroom is small, you can open up the space with a dark accent wall. Try black, navy, charcoal or another deep hue, then balance it with lighter furniture and bedding. Painting the ceiling and the wall farthest from the door in a dark color is a visual trick that will make the room look a lot bigger.
  • Cheerful and energetic: When you have a hard time getting up in the morning, a cheerful, energizing color is a great choice. Light greens are a good balance between soothing and energetic. Green is a calming color that reminds us of the outdoors, but it’s still relaxing enough to help you sleep well at night. Plus, it makes a great backdrop for your most impressive houseplants.
  • Soothing and quiet: If you love curling up under a mountain of blankets, icy tones can make that even more enjoyable. Pale grays and icy blues are cool, modern and the perfect contrast for a heavy quilt. Since our bodies naturally drop a few degrees in temperature as we’re getting ready to go to sleep, a cool, soothing color will prepare your mind before you hit the hay.

Not sure if you want to commit to a whole room of color? An accent wall is a low-commitment way to try it out.

When you’re ready to try new colors to make your bedroom feel and look great in Pensacola, FL, call Fresh Start Painting Inc.

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