Deciding on the Right Paint for Your Home's Exterior

Deciding on the Right Paint for Your Home’s Exterior

May 17, 2021

There are so many options when it comes to paint, which is why choosing the right color for the exterior of your home is sometimes difficult. You want your home to stand out, but you shouldn’t go too overboard with the paint. You’ll also want to choose a paint that goes with the color of your doors and windows.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when trying to decide on an exterior paint color, so consider asking a local professional for help. Read the list below for great exterior paint ideas that are sure to work on almost any home in Pensacola, FL.

Soft colors work on almost any home

If you’re looking for something that’ll work well with any outdoor decorations, as well as with your neighbors’ homes, go with a soft color. A soft pink, while fairly neutral, gives off a warm and welcoming feeling. For a natural color that works well with modern homes, consider a mint green.

Sage green is another soft color and is popular among those with large gardens and other outdoor plants. Those in need of great exterior paint ideas for their Pensacola, FL home will find that soft colors are always a good choice.

Stand out with your favorite color

When looking for the perfect exterior color, why not start with your favorite color? The right shade of almost any color will look great on a home, even colors like black and gray. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a color that none of your neighbors have used on their homes, but try not to go too far. Some neighborhoods have certain restrictions when it comes to exterior paint, so be sure to check before getting started.

Choose something that works with your entire home

Consider any yard decorations and plant life you have before deciding on a paint color. If you have a brick home and are just painting doors and windows, try to go with a neutral color like white or gray. Be sure to also consider your roof’s color and the size of your home.

Going dark

Many people are choosing darker colors for their home’s exterior. The right shade of black or dark gray can work well with certain homes. Dark gray and black are excellent options for those wanting their home to stand out while still looking sophisticated.

Go with two or more colors

Some people have trouble deciding on just one color and instead go for a color combination. Popular color combinations include powder blue with white and gray with red. The possibilities are endless when it comes to color combinations, but it’s important to make sure your colors don’t clash.

Consider using a virtual paint simulator, which can easily be found online, to see how certain colors will work on your home. With these free programs, you can try plenty of different combinations before deciding on the perfect one.

Look through several different options before choosing a paint color for your home. Your exterior paint is something that you and all your neighbors will be looking at for years, so it’s an important decision. For help making the right decision about great exterior paint ideas in Pensacola, FL, contact Fresh Start Painting Inc. to schedule a consultation.

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