The Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Home

The Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Home

October 27, 2021

When we think of external home maintenance, pressure washing likely isn’t one of the common items on the to-do list—but it should be! Pressure washing your home provides an array of benefits that can’t be delivered with a simple garden hose or scrub brush. Continue reading to learn a few of the reasons to pressure wash your siding:

  • Prevents damage: Moss, mildew, dirt and grime don’t just look bad. They can damage your paint, concrete sealant and siding materials. Once those areas are compromised, problems can develop underneath the surface. Because it blasts away all that grime, pressure washing is your best defense against those problems.
  • Saves money: The issues mentioned above can cost a small fortune to remedy, so it stands to reason that professional pressure washing can save you loads of money. We recommend having your home’s exterior pressure washed at least twice a year to avoid damage caused by accumulated grime.
  • Saves time and energy: If it’s caught early, you could scrub dirt away with an extended scrub brush and a bucket of soapy water, but this process could take up your whole weekend, not to mention leave your muscles feeling sore. You can save yourself from a ton of manual labor while getting your weekend back by using a pressure washer to clean your home.
  • Improves at-home health: Mold and mildew growth can lead to nasty allergies and even breathing problems for some folks. While this is more dangerous when it occurs inside your home, you certainly don’t want those toxins growing on your siding. Pressure washing is the best way to keep your family as safe and healthy as possible.
  • Boosts curb appeal: Even if you’re not worried about the damage caused by dirt and grime, you should at least be concerned about how bad it makes your home look. The best way to return your home to its original beauty is with professional pressure washing. And if you’re putting your home on the market soon, call a pro to pressure wash your siding as soon as possible.
  • Primes surfaces for renovation: Even a small home renovation project is a serious undertaking. Before you hire a construction crew to start that upgrade, consider having your exterior pressure washed. Eliminating grit and grime before work begins can leave you with better results after the renovation is complete.

Should you do your own pressure washing?

Pressure washing your home might seem easy. But it’s actually a job best left to the professionals. DIY pressure washing can lead to cracked siding, broken windows and other forms of exterior damage. Additionally, some of the store-bought cleaners can cause ecological damage. Instead, hire a pro who knows what they’re doing and has all the right tools for the job.

It’s clear that you shouldn’t do it yourself—hire a professional pressure washing service! And when it’s time to hire someone, be sure to choose Fresh Start Painting Inc. Call today to get an estimate and see why customers choose us time and time again.

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