The Biggest Home Color Trends for 2022

The Biggest Home Color Trends for 2022

January 13, 2022

The new year brings new beginnings, and many people take it as a chance for self-improvement. Many people think not about trips to the gym or the pool but, instead, about a chance to make over their home’s or office’s color schemes.

Color trends change from year to year, and 2022 promises to be no different. Given the events of the past two years, it’s not surprising that neutrals and cheerful shades will dominate as a way for people to feel calm, but the options go beyond this.

Read on for some fresh tips about interior paint trends for 2022:

  • Earth tones: During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have spent an awful lot of time at home. Our living rooms and bedrooms have done double-duty as offices, and many of us have spent far more time on devices than we had ever wanted to. Earth tones can help bring to mind the great outdoors, which can make for a peaceful retreat in your own house once the workday is done and you can finally unplug (which we highly recommend).
  • Greens: Most shades of green are shaping up to be one of the big trends in accent colors for 2022. Bluish greens on a single wall can give a feeling of serenity, while soft greens can help bring a relaxed and natural feeling to your room.
  • Sunny yellows: After two years of pandemic-induced isolation, one of the interior paint trends for 2022 is to inject some cheerfulness into your home. Tackling some interior painting while using brighter colors is a great way to start this process. Yellow brings to mind sunshine and optimism—two things that we’re all sorely in need of. These colors can also be a great fit for smaller spaces without much natural light, as they can make a smaller room feel bigger.
  • Updated neutrals: These colors are an upgrade over plain old whites; they’re designed to look white when they’re viewed in an area that might have shade or muted light. These shades offer a feeling of comfort and familiarity, which can combine for a wonderful feeling of nostalgia. This can be a real boost to your family’s morale, and the color also lends itself to decorating. Neutrals mean that you can be more daring and bolder with your accent furniture and rugs.
  • Pinks: One of the other trends in accent colors for 2022 is pinks. Reddish pinks and light pinks are both tops on most of the designer trend lists that we’ve seen so far. They can really inject some warmth and neutrality into a space and create a relaxing environment for your family to enjoy.

The interior paint trends of 2022 all mostly recall feelings of comfort and joy. They’re all about turning your home back into the sanctuary that it should be, and the team at Fresh Start Painting Inc. is ready to bring them to your home with professionalism and speed. Get in touch with us about our interior painting services, and let us transform your space starting today.

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