Interior Paint Advice for Your Home

Interior Paint Advice for Your Home

August 22, 2022

Giving your ceiling and walls a fresh coat of paint is one of the best ways to improve your home’s appearance. Unfortunately, it can ruin your home if you get it wrong. Hastily purchased paint, cheap brushes, and incorrectly applied painting techniques can make your painting project a nightmare. But you don’t have to go down that path. At Fresh Start Painting Inc, we ensure our paint jobs go faster, look amazing, and the finish looks cleaner.   

Here are some indoor painting tips to make the job smoother and faster, with a cleaner, more attractive appearance.

Pick the Right Color

You can choose between satin, matte, or gloss paint, but you have to note that bright colors are fit for perfectly conditioned walls. We recommend gloss paint for a home with glossy furniture. The satin paint is resistant and easy to clean, and its brightness brings more light. It’s fit for corridors and kid’s rooms.  On the other hand, you should opt for matte paint if your walls aren’t perfect because its covering power is impressive. Moreover, it’s fit for living rooms and painting bedrooms. Hopefully, you now know how to pick the right colors for your home.

Select the Right Materials 

Avoid using low-quality rollers and brushes, as they leave fibers and traces on the walls, ultimately spoiling your work. Instead, use fiber rollers with an aluminum telescopic handle for the ceilings and central parts of the walls. Also, corner brushes are best used for small corners and edges of your doors. 

Protect the Environment

It would be best to spend a good time securing plugs, frames, and furniture. Use the painting foil and painting tape to cover the floor and furniture. Plus, ensure you remove the tape before the paint dries to avoid tearing the paint layer down.

Hiring a Pro Painter vs. Doing It Yourself  

Painting your home interior can be the most challenging project. If you don’t have the patience or time to do the preparations, it would be best to hire painters. Skipping prep work leaves your walls with cracks, streaks, bumps, and brush lines which might be disappointing. So, it’s crucial to thoroughly clean your walls to remove any dirt or grime on them. Also, you’ll need to fill in any holes, gaps, and cracks to have an even surface. 

Two coats are enough to make your walls look shiny and smooth, depending on the paint you’ve purchased. Remember, the whole interior painting process might take time, so be patient. If you’re impatient, this isn’t the task you should DIY.

You might also find it challenging, especially if you have never painted before. This is because some areas of your home look better when painted differently. Also, different types of paints offer different levels of coverage and shades than others. There are many things about painting that you have to understand before embarking on your painting project. The painting job is best left to experts!

Fall in Love With Your Home’s Interior Again!

DIYing might save you a few bucks, but hiring us saves you the worries and hassle and guarantees great, flawless results. Our professional paint experts at Fresh Start Painting Inc, are ready to update your home’s interior while retaining its charm and character. Contact us today for a free painting quote and for advice when painting your home.

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