Paint Color Trends for 2023

Paint Color Trends for 2023

February 20, 2023

Paint can change the feel and look of a space by creating a cozy atmosphere. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to find the best paint for your house. You’re faced with endless shades, sheens, and colors. Besides, you’ll need to coordinate paint colors between surfaces and rooms. Below we’ve listed the top four best paint colors for 2023. These trends will help you refresh and clean up your home this upcoming year. 

Green Is Still Trendy 

Green color has an emotive quality; it calms you down because it’s nature’s hue. The color also signifies renewal and rebirth, invigorating your home with optimism. This fresh paint idea will take over interiors and can be seen on cabinets, countertops, ceilings, and walls. And whether soft sage or deep emerald, greens dominate interiors in modern, Bohemian, and traditional styles. Entryways, kitchens, and mudrooms are suitable for a coat in a resonant, calming shade. 

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are vibrant and tend to lean on the saturated end of their color family. These unique colors tend toward darker tones, creating a dramatic and moody effect. From rich yellows to deep blues to elegant purples, jewel tones are the best way to add excitement and character to your home. 

The more mature tones are ideal for dining spaces and bedrooms where complexity and sophistication are welcome. Moreover, these rich colors are suitable for softer neutrals and muted hues that require darker tones to add little visual contrast to the space. Jewel tones can also create an elegant maximalist space. 


Greige has taken interior design by storm, replacing gray as the most common neutral paint color. Greige isn’t beige, and it isn’t gray; it falls in the middle. It creates a cozy, warm, balanced look in your space. It provides a subtle depth and warmth to the interiors. Greige is best for the dining room, living room, and (really!) everywhere.  

Creamy Neutrals

You can’t go wrong with creamy neutrals. Creamy neutrals make your room look expertly designed because accessories and furniture get to be the stars of the show. Neutrals are a starting point if you want to branch out from an all-white interior. Make sure you’re keen on the undertone of the paint. The undertones are the secondary colors mixed to make the paint color. All colors, except true black and white, have undertones. For balance, pick warm-toned neutrals and blend them with cool-toned accessories. Go with warm accessories if you like a cool-toned neutral. 

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