How an Accent Wall Can Change the Mood of a Room

How an Accent Wall Can Change the Mood of a Room

May 21, 2019

Are you looking to add a little visual intrigue to a room in your home? If so, you might consider creating an accent wall, depending on how your room is laid out. By having one wall that is either painted a different color or uses different materials than the rest of the room, you’ll create a much stronger visual impact and draw attention to a particular side of the room in a strategic manner.

This is a popular method of decoration, and it’s especially common for people to use bold, rich colors in otherwise neutral rooms. To make sure you get the best possible results out of your accent wall, you should be sure to follow these tips from a professional painter in Pensacola, FL:

  • Consider the framing: Accent walls are typically at their best when used to frame certain focal points, such as a fireplace, headboard, bookshelf, certain pieces of unique or intriguing artwork or furniture. An accent wall shouldn’t exist just for its own sake, but rather to highlight something interesting about your home and/or the items you have in a particular space.
  • Solid: The majority of accent walls are solid, with no windows or doors. There are some exceptions, though—accent walls can be used to accentuate French doors or gorgeous picture windows with outstanding views.
  • Create a focal point: If you don’t already have a natural focal point in the room in which you want to create an accent wall, you can use the accent wall to create one. An accent wall can make just about anything stand out, including plants, photo collections, paintings and more.
  • Odd shapes: If you have an oddly shaped or oblong room, you should seek to paint the farthest short wall with a shade that seemingly brings the wall closer to you, which can help to sort of “correct” the shape of the room. Accenting the longest wall will only serve to enhance its shape and length.

Perhaps the most difficult choice you’ll have to make regarding your accent wall is the color in which you’ll paint it. The best strategy is usually to choose a color that’s the same basic color as the other walls, but just a couple shades darker. This can help prevent you from going with a color that’s going to clash with the rest of the room. You might also look around at some of the favorite items you have around the room to see if there are already any color commonalities. If so, select a dominant color, even if it only appears in small hints around the room. The point of painting your accent wall is to create contrast, so you shouldn’t go with something that’s going to blend in too much with everything around it.

For more information about painting an accent wall in your home that will truly stand out, contact an experienced painter in Pensacola, FL at Fresh Start Painting Inc. today. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your project!

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