How the Color of a Room Affects Your Mood

How the Color of a Room Affects Your Mood

July 10, 2019

If you are not familiar with painting interior walls, your first instinct as a homeowner is probably to paint the rooms in your favorite colors. This makes sense, because the colors you choose reflect your personality—but did you know that room color also affects your mood and thoughts? Believe it or not, how color affects a person depends on their gender, age, the climate where they live and even their ethnic background. Certain tones and shades are better received than others, so it’s important to choose the color of your wall paint wisely.

Don’t let the latest color trends determine your home’s new color palette. Paint your home in the beautiful colors of your choice, but while keeping a few things in mind. Since the colors of a room do influence mood, let’s ask an experienced painting company in Pensacola, FL for some insight into the topic!

When it comes to room colors, you do want to pick something you like while keeping in mind that light colors are expansive and airy, making spaces seem big and bright. Dark colors are traditional and warm, so larger rooms feel more intimate. Below we’ll look at some colors and find out what they can do for your rooms.


Red screams “energy.” It’s one of the most intense colors, which is perfect for when you want to create a feel of excitement in a room. Red walls in the living room or dining room bring people together in conversation, and spark a strong first impression in entryways. However, since red is known to speed up heart rates and cause overthinking, you might want to avoid painting bedrooms this color.


Most shades of blue have been shown to lower blood pressure and slow heart rate. Therefore, blue is considered very calming and relaxing, perfect for the walls in bedrooms and bathrooms. If you choose a light blue as the main paint color in a room, be sure to balance it out with warm hues for fabrics and furnishings. For relaxing areas such as the family room and living room, opt for warmer blues, like periwinkle, or bright blues like turquoise or cerulean. There are a couple things to keep in mind when blue is used as the main color of any room. While dark blues can create the feeling of sadness, softer shades of blue have a calming effect.


The most restful color for your eyes is green, especially when combined with relaxing blue and cheerful yellow. Green, which is also believed to relieve stress, is fantastic for just about any room in the house, and has a calming effect when used as the main color in a room’s palette.


Neutral colors—such as gray, black, brown and white—offer great flexibility. For example, adding color to a neutral color scheme can liven things up, and subtracting other colors in favor of neutrals calms a room down. As for black, it’s best to use it as an accent paint. Use a touch of black here and there, but not for the entire wall.

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