Enlarge a Room with These Six Paint Colors

Enlarge a Room with These Six Paint Colors

September 4, 2020

Small room painting is tricky because the last thing you need is a paint color that shrinks it further. Fortunately, there are room colors in Pensacola, FL that work with smaller rooms and may even help them appear larger and more open. Your best choice depends on natural light and the room’s stylistic elements. Here are six paint colors that will enlarge any room:

  • Stark white: Any variation on white will make a room seem larger. Stark white works best in south-facing rooms with natural light. You can enhance the space further by adding eggshell or satin finishes, which reflect the light. That is how white works as such a space expander—as light reflects, your room presents with more space.
  • Light taupe: If white is too bright and you wish for a neutral tone, light taupe or “greige” are excellent choices. The rich tone makes your room more refined and works great if your home does not have architectural detailing. For a light and airy feel, choose white furnishing in rooms with light taupe walls.
  • Blush pink: For those seeking light and cheery, blush pink may be a good match. If you use it in a west-facing room, you will enjoy how the light reflects off of it as the sun sets. As such, this works best in rooms with natural light, and furnishings and art in neutral tones like beige, sand and ivory. Paint the ceiling too if you wish to feel enveloped in this cheer and warmth.
  • Cool gray: This is another option if you want to avoid white walls. A light gray will offer the brightness without the stark, in-your-face feel often produced with white. Like all cool colors, it creates space by reflecting light, which in turn makes the space seem larger. Use this color in an east- or west-facing room with moderate natural light.
  • Soft black: In contrast with white hues, soft black works well in north-facing rooms that attract little to no natural light. Rooms without light just seem drab when walls are painted white. Dark hues like soft black, dark gray or charcoal offer an intimate feel and refinement. They are an excellent choice for bedrooms, and you will add an extra striking feature if you paint the ceiling and trim the same color. Plus, you may find the toned-down atmosphere helps with sleep quality.
  • Dark navy: Like soft black, this color offers unexpected benefits to a small room. Choose it if you have a room with little natural light and you wish to add drama and refinement. For living rooms, choose large furniture that is the same navy color, as it will blend in and make the room feel bigger. Navy blue also works well for any room with cabinets, like kitchens and libraries. If those spaces in your home seem dark, dress them up with navy.

If you seek reliable small room painting services in Pensacola, FL, look no further than Fresh Start Painting Inc. We offer consultations to determine the best room colors and add charm to a formerly drab and dreary space. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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