Top Exterior Paint Colors in 2021

Top Exterior Paint Colors in 2021

July 29, 2021

Whether you’re looking to boost your property’s curb appeal or you’re just tired of looking at the same old paint color on your home, it can be hard to choose the perfect color. Since painting a house is an investment of money and time, you need to be sure you get it right the first time. Since it never hurts to follow contemporary trends, here’s a list of popular exterior paint colors to guide you as you make your choice.


Taking the top spot on the list of trending home exterior paint colors is classic white. Homes with white exterior walls look great with a colorful accent, like a front door painted in a bold shade. Choose a bright white especially if your home receives a lot of shade, or a muted white like an ivory if you want something a little more toned down. White walls make it very easy to highlight specific exterior features, which is why they’re always in style.

Dark gray

Dark gray is becoming one of the most popular exterior paint colors, adding sophistication to homes built in just about any style. It’s especially striking when paired with light-colored details. Paint the trim, shutters and front door white to make your whole house pop.

Sage green

Many homeowners choose sage green as an exterior paint color because it has a nice earthy tone to it. It’s a great alternative to taupe, which is all too common. If you want to use earth tones for your home but want something a little different from the norm, sage green is a great option.


The most cheerful of colors, yellow is gaining popularity when it comes to exterior paints. A muted yellow offers great warmth without being too bright and overbearing. When paired with white trim, it creates a classic look that’s great on houses in almost every style, especially craftsmans, Victorians and other homes with wood siding and lots of detail.


An interesting trend that’s gaining in popularity is the use of deep neutral colors for exterior walls, and it’s bronze that actually takes first place. It’s a deep, rich tone that’s a nice blend of brown and charcoal. When paired with white trim and some metallic accents, like railings and lighting, it makes a striking and interesting nature-inspired presentation.


Navy blue is an elegant neutral color. It adds plenty of visual interest to the exterior of a home, without any flashiness. Some forms of navy offer a little too much blue—it’s best to stick with a neutral shade that will look great on bungalows, cottages and even homes in a mid-century style.

It’s not hard to give your home an exterior makeover with a fresh coat of paint. Make sure your home stands out in all the right ways by choosing from any of the trending home exterior paint colors described above. If you need help making a decision, contact Fresh Start Painting Inc. and get inspired by advice from experts in the industry.

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