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Reasons to Start Power Washing Your Home

August 4, 2020

Power washing your home can make a dramatic difference in its appearance, especially if it hasn’t been cleaned properly in years. You might wonder if purchasing a power washer (or hiring someone to do it for you) is worth the money—the answer is a resounding “yes.” In addition to increasing your curb appeal, power washing your home should be part of your regular exterior home care in Pensacola, FL. Here are the top reasons why you should consider power washing to protect your investment: Save money: Power washing saves you money on exterior maintenance over the long term. Your home’s... View Article

Want a Fresh Interior? Try a New Coat of Paint

July 15, 2020

Time flies by so quickly. It might seem like you painted the inside of your home just the other day, but before you know it, years have passed and rooms are starting to show their age. Instead of letting your property look like it has fallen into disrepair, learn about the many benefits of paying for interior painting in Pensacola, FL. Remodel without the hassle When the budget is tight but you want to update your house, interior painting in Pensacola, FL costs way less than a remodeling project. Additionally, an interior paint job refreshes the walls in your home,... View Article

Paint Colors That Can Actually Help Your Home Look Cleaner

July 1, 2020

Keeping a home clean is hard enough as it is without your paint making things worse. Believe it or not, there are some paint colors that actually make rooms appear messy, even after you’ve scrubbed every inch from floor to ceiling. If you’re tired of the frustrated feeling caused by the unclean look of certain parts of your home, consider your options for interior painting in Pensacola, FL. Paint colors to avoid When clients come to us with questions about choosing the right colors for interior painting in Pensacola, FL, there are certain shades and hues we do not recommend... View Article

Six Steps to Restoring Old Furniture

June 15, 2020

Breathing new life into older pieces of furniture is one of the most exciting and satisfying projects that a homeowner can undertake. It’s incredible what a little DIY repair and a fresh paint job can do to something that you find at the swap meet or the thrift store (or even in your own attic), and we see people get addicted to this simple type of project all of the time. Furniture refinishing in Pensacola, FL is one of those things that can create value and fun for your family for years to come. Here are some tips that can... View Article

Does Your Home Exterior Have Multiple Layers of Paint? Here’s What to Do Before Repainting

June 1, 2020

Part of the fun (and challenge) of moving into a new home is discovering all of the little quirks that make the new house unique. It takes time to learn which light switch does what, which circuit breaker is linked to what room and how you have to jiggle the keys just right on that one funny door. One thing you can discover, even after living in a home for years, can happen when you seek exterior painting service in Pensacola, FL and are told your home already has several layers of paint on it. Your options at this point... View Article